The Lodge of Harmony 309

Lodge Officers 2016-17

Following our induction meeting on the 1st October here are the pictures of the officers. 


Worshipful Master W Bro Pete Evans  Pete Evans.jpg
Senior Warden  Bro Darran Swift  Darran.JPG (thumbnail)
Junior Warden  Bro Drew Whitelaw  Drew.jpg (thumbnail)
Chaplain  W. Bro Les Crowhurst         Les C.jpg (thumbnail)
Treasurer  W. Bro Richard Newman  
Secretary  W. Bro Mike Fellows  Mike.JPG (thumbnail)
Director of Ceremonies  W. Bro Bob Turnbull  turnbull.jpg (thumbnail)
Almoner  W. Bro Niel Channing  channing.jpg (thumbnail)
Charity Steward  W. Bro Tony Noble  Tony.JPG (thumbnail)
Lodge Mentor  W.Bro John Walshaw  Mentor.jpg (thumbnail)
Senior Deacon  Bro Danny Hamp  Danny.JPG (thumbnail)
Junior Deacon  Bro Alex Howatt  alex HOWATT.jpg (thumbnail)
Assistant Director of Ceremonies           W. Bro Brian Baldock  Baldock.jpg (thumbnail)
Assistant Secretary  W. Bro Peter Hobbs  Hobbs.jpg (thumbnail)
Inner Guard  Bro Martyn Jones  Martyn 001.JPG (thumbnail)
Stewards  Bro Ivor Coleman  Coleman.jpg (thumbnail)
   Bro Will Hodgson  
   W.Bro. Don Maule  Maule.jpg (thumbnail)
   Bro Barry Henderson  Dickie.jpg (thumbnail)
   Bro David Stares  David S.jpg (thumbnail)
Tyler  Bro Ivan Saunders  Saunders.jpg (thumbnail)
Organist  W Bro Jim Hames  Hames.jpg (thumbnail)